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As friends such as singers Wang Lee Hom and Na Ying looked on, he went down on one knee and proposed.

Amid cheers and applause, Zhang's surprise turned to tears as she answered firmly, "Yes". This morning, on her Weibo, she wrote "Yes, I will (marry you)," and posted a picture of a fireworks scene at the party.

Perhaps in response to this kind of attitude, several prominent universities have drafted new regulations that prohibit female students from becoming mistresses—the punishment is being expelled from school. They’ll do whatever is necessary to get ahead.”“Sex is not a big deal anymore,” she says. ”She contrasts this with her own generation, which grew up during the Cultural Revolution, which had a far more conservative upbringing.“A girl today could work her entire life and never be able to afford an apartment.”“But if you have a godfather, he may give you a car and a house, something that otherwise could take a lifetime to obtain,” she says.Meanwhile high-level officials and wealthy businessmen see beautiful young women as status symbols to be conquered.Still, many Chinese say they believed the story of sexual liaisons.

Right or wrong, there’s a widely held perception in China that many beautiful actresses, singers, and dancers sleep their way to success.

In recent months, a steady stream of scandals surrounding the Bo family has been leaked to the Western media—most likely by his political opponents.



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