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Here’s how to attract, and retain, better teams: Creating a hiring plan is an opportunity to power up your recruiting and rethink the way you hire.

If you aim to hire more objectively and reduce biases, you will build more productive teams and foster a more inclusive company culture.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can give you this information automatically.

Review your past recruitment plans and hiring habits and ask yourself: Answers to these questions will inform the way you hire and how much you’ll spend on doing it efficiently.

Add all internal (for example, referral program incentives and recruiter salaries) and external recruiting costs (for example, agency, job posting and background check fees) and divide the sum by the number of new hires.

Insight from hiring managers can also give you a good estimate of the number of people you need to hire.

Schedule meetings with hiring managers to discuss your hiring plan and their staffing needs.

When skills gaps are too big, consider hiring new people to fill them.

A skills gap analysis will provide a general idea of how many new hires you’ll need to cover gaps, but there are other ways to predict hiring needs.You can use quantitative methods to forecast future hires in your recruitment plan.


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