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Most are not worthy,but we made the record at the Beverly Hills hotel taking about 6 months,with many friends invited, I amongst then.

The bell captain took one look at me and said "we haven't had that spirit here since 1969.

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Hi Music lovers, I know that a millions music fans like this song and many of them believed that this song was written for the sort of warning of materialism in those days. It was not written for this, but for something else!

I think that all the members of the Eagles was influenced by those horror movies since 1973, too if so.

That means these influences must had made Don Henley write the lyrics of the song before the album 'Hotel California' came out in 1976.

At this point, I see falling in with a bunch of partiers, a descent into addiction and self-destruction, and then despair at the realization that he has thrown away his life, and also the chance to "Make it Big".


That made another Don think that 'I need to write this lyrics following the music like mysterious! And I think he also had the idea of writing for the lyrics, too when he started writing a mysterious story.

CSNY reunion brought them two guitar-sounds because CSNY had two guitarist-Neil Young and Stephen Stills. So they copied CSNY and had two guitarists-Don Felder and Joe Walsh instead of Bernie Leadon in 1975. To be continued Hi Music lovers, As I told you my last review, I think this song 'Hotel California' has nothing to do with any materials or heroin addiction in those days.



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