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Grant Holder, 34, of Wedgwood Avenue, Stone, sentenced to six years six months Daniel Felgate, 34, of Priory Road, Stone, sentenced to seven years Simon Richardson, 36, of Longhope Drive, Stone, sentenced to four years six months Wayne Bond, 37, of Walton Grange, Stafford Road, Stone, sentenced to five years.

Russell Ford, 36, of The Old Factory, Rosemount, Oxton, Birkenhead, sentenced to two years seven months.

When this money was examined forensically it was found to have prints matching to another man called Daniel Felgate.

A further gang member Ian Mycock, was stopped nearby and found to be in possession of two grip seal bags containing cocaine with a value of £110.

They also uncovered a large stash of cocaine, a fifth of which, worth up to £20,000, was found in an old cereal box.

After a surveillance operation the officers swooped in and seized the drugs.

On the box were the fingerprints of someone called Russell Ford.

Richardson and Bond were arrested inside the house.'Police recovered a kilogram of cocaine from the kitchen worth between £42,940 and £56,910.

It had a purity of 71 per cent.''Police found a tin containing 243 grams of cocaine with a street value between £10,000 and £24,300.'Holder was instrumental in arranging the meeting between Ford and the Staffordshire members.' James Jackson, 49, of The Wirral, will be sentenced tomorrow.

He has 30 years experience under his belt (learning from Chris Crowder, of Levens Hall, among others), and has worked at Highgrove for 10 years.

His duties include clipping the Prince of Wales’s fine topiary and hedging. You frequently hear people decrying power tools in favour of shears and secateurs but Andrew is emphatic that a mechanical cutter not only delivers a far better finish but is much quicker.

A complex of relationships is inferred among the climate, hydrology, vegetation, sediment supply and river behaviour which prevailed at the times when the cold stage gravels were transported.



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