Who is the rapper jim jones dating

As some may know “Mama Jones” despised this union and did not hold any of her feelings back. Well, when Mama is away the child will play.

Jim finally broke down and proposed to Chrissy. On Friday, November 11 Chrissy is a good catch because the she brings drama which leaves little room for the Baby Mothers who are inevitably in the picture. “Love & Hip-Hop” creator Mona Scott-Young, said Jim and Chrissy are amazing.

His second album Harlem: Diary of a Summer was released in 2005.

Edit Joseph Guillermo Jones II is a hip hop artist from United States.

Chrissy is also said to have slept with rapper Jay Z at the age of 23 as well as some NBA players. Below is the report:“Chrissy has been hustling since she was 15 years old.


Jim Jones finally puts a ring on it. Just in time for the premiere of  VH1’s series “Love & Hip Hop” season 2.Edit He became influenced in music since his childhood days.In 2000, he joined an American rapper and an actor Cam'ron and together they formed a Harlem-based hip hop group The Diplomats. Edit In 2002, Jim made his acting debut by starring in the comedy movie Paper Soldiers.Popular by the nickname Jim Jones, Joseph Guillermo Jones II is a hip hop artist from United States.

He is also well known for being the co-CEO of Diplomat Records and the founder of the hip hop collective The Diplomats.

 The cast wrapped up the taping of season 2 in Miami a few weeks back.



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    They drove all over the East Coast of the United States, working for companies such as ACW and other small promotions.

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