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The Battle Group is currently deployed on Operation CHAKUSH (or "hammer"), a deliberate operation to defeat the Taleban in the Upper Geresk Valley, Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan.The operation was in its fourth day of fierce fighting when Sergeant Keen was killed in an indirect fire attack on a compound near the village of Mirmandab.He was an extremely conscientious, well-respected and popular junior non commissioned officer, whose excellent trade skills and keen sense of fun ensured that he was always in great demand."Lance Corporal Jon Hetherington had only been in Afghanistan for a short time; in this period his commitment to his profession was first class and he stood out as a young man of stature and great enthusiasm.He was then posted on a two-year tour to Northern Ireland.Subsequently, returning to the UK in January 2006 to prepare for his second operational tour in Afghanistan.Corporal Peter Thorpe Royal Signals, was born on 3 January 1979 and lived in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.


Lance Corporal Hetherington was posted to 14 Signal Regiment (EW) in February 2006 and was selected for deployment on Operation HERRICK 4, Afghanistan.As such an engaging character, he was selected to join the very important Regimental Recruiting Team prior to his deployment to Afghanistan in support of the 3 Para Battlegroup.



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