Weather australia widget not updating

Last week we presented you with our compilations of minimalistic clock and calendar widgets to spice up your home screen, but we are not stopping there, this week, we are moving on to 20 beautiful weather widgets.

Keeping in mind that everyone has their own taste and preference in design, this compilation has a wide array of simple, complicated, elegant and cockpit-inspired weather widgets to choose from.

There is plenty more on offer here at the amazing price of free, so download it now and give it a go.


Let’s take a look at what this list has in store for us.

I have found an old version which is working fine, but not as detailed. so i dug around the old hard drive and found the old installed files i tried to transfer it over and see if it would work but i downloaded the old version and copied the files over that i had once the old version was installed on my new hard drive and bingo it acts and looks like the newest version of the widget Hi Webley You're a genius!

Please make the newer version available for download, even if it's not supported.i know this is kinda old. Thanks so much for your link - it worked beautifully.

Weather Bug is another excellent weather radar and forecasting app that has a ton of unique features including access to the North American Doppler Radar, lightning alerts for any dangerous thunderstorms, animated maps and even the forecasting data can be connected to more meaningful tasks like outdoor planning and your home’s heating and cooling management.


Reliability is also top-notch with Weather Bug having one of the largest forecasting networks around the globe.

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