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If you're bored at your current gig or want to earn more, this eclipse prods you to veer off the beaten path.

With your ruler, structured Saturn, now in Capricorn, you might look at school, mentorship or specialized training programs that will improve your skills and qualifications.

A methodical approach will serve you well, though you'll need to remain flexible since eclipses can demand sudden adjustments. You need to plant your soles on solid ground and regroup.February begins in the tailwind of the January 31 total lunar eclipse in dramatic Leo, which swept through your eighth house of intimacy, secrets and merging.Don't be shy about asking your tribe for references and recommendations.

The new moon also kicks off the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog.

As Valentine's month dawns, you may still be reeling from a super-intense Leo eclipse that landed in your erotic, intimate eighth house on January 31.


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    I will be honest – meeting online does not guarantee anything – but this is the start of your search and gives the opportunity to do it safe.

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