Vb net validating email address

Hope the tips can save you a couple of hours or days of headaches. This class has two variable members and one Add() method.

The method adds two integer numbers and returns the result. When the project properties window is opened, click Application tab, and then click Assembly Information button. In addition to making the DLL COM-visible, we also need to register the assembly as a COM component in the Windows registry.

Recall that we configured the website to use forms authentication by setting the mode attribute of the child element, through which an assortment of forms authentication settings may be specified.

In this tutorial we will examine the various forms authentication settings and see how to modify them through the element.

Should any right be infringed, it is totally unintentional.

Drop me an email and I will promptly and gladly rectify it.


Allowable values are: Use Cookies; Use Uri; Auto Detect; and Use Device Profile (the default). When using cookie-based authentication tickets, this setting specifies the cookie s domain value.

We will also examine the makeup of the forms authentication ticket more closely and see the precautions ASP.

NET takes to ensure that the ticket's data is secure from inspection and tampering.

VBA will use this registry information to find which DLL to call.

In our case, it's D:\CSharp\Simple Calc\Simple Calc\bin\Release\Simple 7. To use the variables and methods in the C# DLL, we need to call the DLL inside VBA.In this tutorial we will examine the various forms authentication settings and see how to modify them through the forms element.



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