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The ancient Maya were accomplished observers of the sky.This image shows Maya animal constellations found in the Paris Codex.The most commonly known Maya cyclical calendars are the Haab, the Tzolk’in, and the Calendar Round.Aside from these, the Maya also developed the Long Count calendar to chronologically date mythical and historical events.The Maya Long Count calendar also counts days in chronological order, beginning with the mythical creation date of 4 Ajaw 8 Kumk’u. This image shows the creation date drawn in hieroglyphs as it appears on Stela C in Quiriguá, Guatemala.

These ceremonies are called Sac Ha’, Cha’a Chac and Wajikol.

In the Calendar Round, any given combination of a Tzolk’in day with a Haab day will not repeat itself, until 52 periods of 365 days have passed.


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