Updating rpm

With time, try them both and decide which one you like best, it's all a matter of preference.

RPMDrake is divided into four tools, each of which has a different task as you can see above.

RPM is a packaging system for Linux originally developed by Red Hat (but now maintained independendly), and are used by many of the major Linux distributions, including (but not limited to) Mandriva Linux, Red Hat, Fedora Core and SUSE. It makes installing and maintaining installed software in Linux easy.

An RPM package contains either the entire compiled (binary) software, or in some rare cases the source code for the software so that you may compile it yourself (called a SRPM or Source RPM).

You can start it by using one of the following methods: - Open up your menu, select System - Software Media Manager - Open up a terminal emulator and type: Installation in rpmdrake is really easy, first start rpmdrake.

Once that is done, you will see a screen similar to this one: [1] is where you select what you want to search. [2] is where you enter what you want to search for. [7] is the button you click to download and install the updates.Selecting "Mandrakelinux choices" can be a good idea for beginners [4] is where you can browse the available packages, clicking the square box on the left side of a package selects it for installation.



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