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They’re more like an Etch-a-Sketch than a phone with useful maps.The challenge though with the higher end mapping units (Garmin Edge 705/Edge 800/Edge 810/Edge 1000) is that as expensive as they are, they don’t actually include any maps. They technically do include what’s known as a ‘basemap’.This won’t work on the Garmin Edge 20, 25, 200, 500, or 510. Because highly detailed maps like these can be somewhat large, you’ll likely need to pickup a cheap Micro-SD card.Some smaller maps may fit directly on your Edge device, but only if you’re talking a fairly small area.So instead you need to purchase more detailed maps, typically at a cost of -0 per region/area.The definition of a region varies – both in size as well as the type of map.You’ll see how the map then will zoom in and show me the ‘tiles’ that represent Washington State.Tiles are ways that the entire world can be broken down into consumable map chunks.

Once that’s done you’ll go ahead and enter in your e-mail address to build the map. The service works by generating the maps for you based on your specifications.Of course, there’s no reason you need to sit there and watch paint dry. I had no issues there with the latest firmware on any of them.



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