Tiny toon adventures s01e41 dating acme acres style saints

" (A giant heart-shape candy box appears) Buster: "No it's dating! " (We then goes to Babs' room where she covered the phone and explain the next rule of dating) Babs: "Rule # 3, Never let yourself seem to anxious" (Babs the talked on the phone) Babs: "Why Buster, are you asking me out on a date?

" (We then both Buster and Babs, that looks like they are in the same room but are still in their own rooms) Buster: "For the sake of this bit, yeah so what do you say"?

We are then back to Babs's room where this time she is dress like a Japanese citizen, then ran back to the closet as a clown but hated the outfit then ran back inside one last time to dress like Godzilla.

Couldn't take it anymore she then yell out for help) Babs: "HELP ME!!! Bunny then growled again which frighten Buster, yet again) Buster: "Rule # 10: Forget the small talk" Babs: (Off-screen) "I'm ready!

" Buster: "Well Barbara Ann" (Babs became angry as Buster said her real name and small comes out of her ears) Babs: "Don't call me that! occasionally we on tiny toon, provide a public service ." (Babs then pushed Buster and explain one of the early services then did) Babs: "Like the time we told you to find you Brussel sprouts in your napkin." (Buster then push Babs back to finish him announcement) Buster: "Yeah, and today we are going to address a topic that looms a head for all of us." Babs: "College?" (As Babs went back into her hole, Buster turned to the camera to tell the boy viewers one more thing about dating) Buster: (Angry) "So Guys, as for dating, Forget it! " (As buster looked confuse, Babs put on pink lipstick) Babs: "I had a fun time Buster, Thank you!Go fishing, go anywhere but..." (But just as Buster was about to finish his ranting, Babs showed up and tells the girl viewers one more thing about dating) Babs: "I almost forgot the most important part of the first date, THE GOODNIGHT KISS! " (As Babs grabbed Buster and gave him a HUGE kiss, a close up of Buster's face with the lipstick on his lips as he began to turn red, After a few seconds of random wild takes Babs, while wearing a firefighter suit, pulled a rope and dropped a large amount of Water on to Buster, which cooled him down and Buster shake up all the Water, and began to give the Boy Viewers something" Buster: (Calm) "As I was saying, dating is (Excited) ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!!!!!!" (After saying that, Buster then fainted and we cut to Babs as the cartoon ends) Babs: "Ain't he cute...


a (The cartoon begins at a birds-eye view of of a street, where it later changes to one Calamity Coyote as he is finishing up his latest plan.

We then cut to Babs's room where she is looking at herself in the mirror and giving the next rule) Babs: "Rule # 8: Plan you outfit ahead, so you don't keep you date waiting" (A few seconds later she looked at her outfit and gave an express that she hates it) Babs: "Yeck, I hate this! " (Babs then ran back to her closet to try out different outs fits, the first being a football jersey) Babs: "Too Sporty" (Ran to closet and came out wearing a shiny dress with crown and pink heels) Babs: "To Fancy" (Ran back to closet and came out wearing a poncho and sombrero, shook her head no and ran back to the closet.



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