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“If they go on for two paragraphs about the manicure/pedicure they had that day, they’re probably shallow.If they write even five simple words about the war in Iraq, I know they’re concerned about the world around them.But that’s not necessarily a bad thing: They may just want to put you at ease and assure you they aren’t coming to that latte date with crazy-overblown expectations.When you get a more formal heading such as “Dear,” you can bet the sender is somewhat conservative or has old-fashioned values, says Katz. According to Berndt, this is the online equivalent of the date who calls and doesn’t say who it is—just launches into a conversation, assuming you’ll know.But don’t get sucked in: Immediate and copious compliments on , in particular, may be a red-flag that the sender is a player, obsessed with looks, or only after one thing—a trifecta of trouble.

Our VIP package includes the following: Ready to go deep?If that email features a clever subject line or one that refers to something in your profile (“I was at that White Stripes show, too! “This is someone who is more likely to be creative on dates, and do thoughtful things for you,” says dating coach Evan Marc Katz, co-author of .


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