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Maybe the conversations are a bit too simple and cheesy, but it's just a minor complaint.Also worth noting that I had a couple of minor issues, like the skin clipping through the clothing and the NPCs struggling to walk through doors at times.But that aside I'll keep an eye out for this game and future updates. If you're seeing something beyond that, please let me know!But that aside I'll keep an eye out for this game and future updates. If you're seeing something beyond that, please let me know! As for the pathing, Frank is the worst case of them all indeed.Don't give her any alcohol except the Malbec and the Chardonnay.She will refuse everything else, but the bug is that it will still come out of your inventory.


If you lure him in the garage, you might find something really big and heavy to drop on his head. As usual, this is a quick update following a big one addressing some of the bugs and immediate feedback I’ve gotten since the release of Beta .2.​I killed Frank and knocked out Patrick and have all the alcohol from the kitchen and the bottle of Malbec Patrick was carrying, but Madison's sister refuses any wine, the beer, or the rum.I then gave the Malbec to the dancing girl (her favorite, so I figure it must be for her) and she, as you're aware, asked for more booze, effused everything, but wiped out my stash. Only shearing I'm seeing is on Stephanie, at the upper thigh.​Was unable to remove Patrick from the room when he was knocked out, and I'm assuming Stephanie is incomplete/glitched. Definitely interested in seeing some more, but I have yet to be able to reach the ending.

Yes, Stephanie is glitched, but there's a workaround.Maybe using a trick like deactivating their collision detection for walls on the area around the doors could help?


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    The touchscreen interface can be a tad slow, and the feature which switches between microphones when recording can lead to the audio volume changing mid-clip.

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    Hard drugs as cocaine, LSD, morphine, heroin are forbidden in the Netherlands as in any other country.

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