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The city of Mobile is situated near the head of Mobile Bay, where a natural harbor is formed by the meeting of the Mobile and Tensaw rivers.The bay is about 33 mi (53 km) long; the lower bay is about 23 mi (37 km) at its greatest width.Tennessees armor enabled her to inflict more injury than she received, but she could not overcome the imbalance in numbers.


This Union victory, together with the capture of Atlanta, was extensively covered by Union newspapers and was a significant boost for Abraham Lincoln's bid for re-election three months after the battle.

Farragut, assisted by a contingent of soldiers, attacked a smaller Confederate fleet led by Admiral Franklin Buchanan and three forts that guarded the entrance to Mobile Bay.

The battle was marked by Farragut's seemingly rash but successful run through a minefield that had just claimed one of his ironclad monitors, enabling his fleet to get beyond the range of the shore-based guns.

Given respite by the Union strategy, the Confederate Army improved the defenses of Mobile Bay by strengthening Fort Morgan and Fort Gaines at the entrance to the bay.

In addition, they set up Fort Powell, a smaller work that guarded the Grant's Pass channel.

With no Navy to support them, the three forts also surrendered within days.



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