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Marlon Yates is an American actor best known for his appearance as The D. He has played in Straight Outta Compton alongside Jason Mitchell and Aldis Hodge. Marlon Yates and his girlfriend, Shaunie O’Neal ended their affair some months back in October 2016. He his debut in acting in the 2015 television movie Will to Love. She is best known as the ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal, former American professional Basketball player.However, there’s a happy news on O’Neal basket as he proposed his girlfriend Laticia Rolle.When Rolle posted a simple yet elegant photo on her Instagram in March 2016, O’Neal couldn’t keep his words to himself as he popped the big question in the comment. O’Neal asked Rolle to marry him to which Rolle replied saying, ‘yes I will.He also allegedly had an affair with mistress Vanessa Lopez. and by expense, we mean they dropped almost a mil for the kid. READ MORE In an obvious response to the intense hate he got for baring his gross feet on TV, Shaquille O'Neal took a trip to the nail shop ... Shareef O'Neal isn't just a stud basketball player -- he's also got some reporting chops ... At seven feet one inch tall, Shaquille O’Neal is larger than life. Shaq took home three rings as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000, 2001, and 2002.


Shaq married Shaunie Nelson on December 26, 2002 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but the union ended in divorce.See Dating just another large of for Indian and women. The thousands amp Lvov Ukraine start and the of Mingle2s and.


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    , which states that Ashley Olsen recently broke up with her 58-year-old “financier” boyfriend Richard Sachs.

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