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Ring by Mociun Turquoise has become a really trendy stone over the last few years with leading alternative jewellery brands like Azlee and Mociun using it across their collections.

Turquoise ranges from 5 to 7 on the Mohs scale and with a composition of copper and aluminium, it can range from a pure bright blue, to a pale hue with flecks of metal.

At 9 on the Mohs scale, sapphires are the third hardest mineral, and at about a third of the price, they make the perfect diamond substitute.

While a white sapphire engagement ring won’t capture quite the same sparkle as a diamond, if it’s well cut, it can look almost as good, giving more bling for your buck if you’re looking for a larger stone.

Often found in antique settings, these stones look really pretty paired with pearls or stones of other colours.



Pair the lavender hue with silver or rose gold for a gorgeous, romantic setting or set with other colours for something a little quirkier.Ring by Ferguson’s Fine Jewellery on Etsy Emerald, with their distinct rich green tone, are beautiful, luxe, and precious, which makes them a popular stone for engagement rings.


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