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And my game became better as days passed,” he says. Her (Hina’s) fans might have got disappointed by the argument we had during the task and those who used to vote for us together might have not done it this time. I even had a word with Hina about it and she was okay with my strategy. I don’t remember my social media passwords, names, contact numbers, and so many things other things.His fight with co-contestant and actor Hina Khan in the Mountain task became the talking point. But the one thing that I will remember is what I saw in the mall.We’ve all seen the breathless stories about the latest sign of the coming Artificial Intelligence apocalypse, and we’ve all seen the fine print revealing those stories to be empty hype.So is there anything at all to the AI phenomenon, or is it all just another boogeyman designed to scare us into line?“I saw Vikas [Gupta; channel head, producer and co-contestant] at number 3, second was Hina and first was Shilpa.In the fourth place, I could see myself, and I really wanted to be there.”Now that he is out of the show, Luv will soon come back home . Lead role, be it on TV, films or web, is what I am looking at. And, I have kept in mind what Salman Khan has told me…The trailer, which was released by Nivin on Facebook, gives us peak into who Jude is and how he handles his relationships. Multiple composers have worked on the music for this film including M Jayachandran, Gopi Sunder, Rahul Raj. He looks adorable and cute, comes off an innocent child stuck in the body of a man. He even has a stuffed Nemo (from Finding Nemo) with him.

He was the contestant who should have gone out,” he says.After fourteen weeks, Luv Tyagi has been evicted from Bigg Boss 11. Being so close to the winning title, Luv was hopeful to make it to the top four, at least .“Something within was telling me that I might get voted out this week.If you think you have the answer then marshal up the data and prove it to us one way or the other!

The ABC Network rolled out its midseason schedule, including premiere dates for the new dramas “The Crossing,” “Deception,” “For The People” and the “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff, along with the new comedies “Alex, Inc.” and “Splitting Up Together.” Additionally, the network announced that “American Idol” will air Sundays and Mondays beginning March 11.

Every time Luv got saved in the earlier evictions, everyone from his housemates to even Salman Khan, the host of the controversial reality show, would say that he is simply lucky. This was a new world for me and I did not know how to go about things in the beginning.


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