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Take the first step toward your healing and start therapy.

I am a licensed mental health counselor and I am committed to the helping profession by improving my clients' overall quality of life.

Finding ourselves stuck definitely feels helpless, but often it can feel hopeless as well.""I believe that God's given us the ability and infinite capacity to overcome almost anything that we face in our lives. We get stuck by the things that we're taught or the situations that we've experienced or maybe even trauma.

Finding ourselves stuck definitely feels helpless, but often it can feel hopeless as well.""Have you conditioned yourself to say "I'm fine" when this is hardly the case?

"I am a Certified ADHD Coach, Educational Consultant, and a certified practitioner of the Integrated Listening System - auditory therapy (i Ls) and Cogmed Working Memory Training (Cognitive remediation/rehab).

My focus is coaching children, teens and adults with ADHD symptoms, organizational obstacles, time management challenges, and learning disabilities as well with those making business or personal transitions who are seeking optimal performance in their lives.

They are after a peace that is not dependent on their inner and outer world being perfect at all times.

Every individual-created in the image of God-deserves to be treated with dignity and respect in a very empathetic and non-judgmental way. ""A wise man once said, "the hardest thing in life isn't letting go, but STARTING OVER." Are you ready to "start over and live life to the fullest? Are you looking to start new and begin on a journey of mental healing?I use a variety of approaches and techniques to help my clients (children and adolescents, teens, adults, individuals, couples, and family) gain relief through goal setting and learning new skills that makes their problem more manageable or no longer existent.""When life experiences happens we are often left feeling hurt, scared, lost, anxious, alone, hopeless, etc.


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