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NET 4.5 release check out my Pluralsight course titled New Features in ASP.

In my recent codeproject article on the Data Grid I described a number of techniques for handling the updates to Data Tables which are bound to the grid.


The Delete Order() method accepts the primary key for the order to delete and then performs the delete operation. Model binding allows model objects to be bound directly to controls and allows data that's posted back to automatically be mapped into model object properties.

If the order is found the Try Update Model() method is called and the order is passed into it as a parameter.

The values that were posted back from the List View are automatically mapped into the object's properties with that one line of code - a huge increase in productivity!

Here's a quick summary of what's new when it comes to data-specific features in the ASP. Model binding isn't exactly a "new" feature when it comes to . You can now bind data controls directly to methods that provide select, insert, update and delete functionality.


When the methods are called you don't have to write a lot of code to access the values that were posted back in the case of update, insert, or delete operations.

Instead, model binding allows you to have a given model object's properties (a class with properties if you're not familiar with model objects) automatically filled with the posted back data.


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