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But that's not a wildly unusual situation for an urban professional who's getting a bit long in the tooth.You decide you want to live alone, and you're willing to endure a moderate financial sacrifice for the sake of personal space.If every poor adult in America married another poor adult, in other words, we would see a significant drop in the poverty rate.Nobody's actual income would have increased, of course, but through the magic of statistics we would achieve a significant win in the war on poverty.It's true there is a lot of very persuasive observational data to indicate that children raised by stable, loving couples end up better off than children whose family lives are disrupted by divorce or breakups.But what we don't see is the aggregate increase in children borne by unmarried women leading to bad aggregate outcomes.


Some of this goes to show there's a level of arbitrariness to our definitions of household income and poverty.They're wrong about the idea that there is a problem to explain.This is clarified by looking at two pieces of data.Instead, the current generation of teenagers is the best-behaved on record.


Young people are doing less drugs, having fewer teen pregnancies, and even doing better at meeting federal exercise guidelines.The high school graduation rate is at an all-time high, and so is the share of the population with a college degree.


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