Sandara and hero dating


Closeup The one in white tee and a black cap is said to be Big Bang Tae Yang and the one with the blue hoodie is said to be 2NE1 Min Ji.

In the photo, the 2 look like they are of the same height, but netizens compared their profiles On Tae Yang‘s profile, it is said that he is 1.74m tall.

And their hug has been the hot issue amongst fans and netizens online.

The photos which a university student took using his/her camcorder at Han Gang people’s park.

Each machine is piloted by Ken'ichi (Steve), Daijiro (Big Bert), and Hiyoshi (Little Jon): the three sons of Kentaro and Mitsuyo Gō, along with the only daughter of General Oka; Megumi (Jamie Robinson), and Ippei Mine (Mark Gordon), an orphan cowboy.

Voltes V's home base is Camp Big Falcon, a fortress situated on a bird-shaped island along the coast of Japan.

In April 1979, shortly before the series finale, the authoritarian President Ferdinand Marcos issued a directive banning Voltes V and other similarly-themed anime series, ostensibly due to concerns about "excessive violence".

In an attempt to promote the show to a younger audience, the network had Jett Pangan, Sandara Park, Dennis Trillo and other Filipino celebrities re-dub the characters' voices.


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