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And it worked, because she was a one-of-a-kind beautiful woman. She had a sweet voice and a woman's body.'But she said something to me one time, which I thought was the most endearing thing she ever said to me.

She said "You know Judy, I didn't want to be in the movies because I didn't have any talent."' Improved: Sabrina's last carer - and by his own account, her love - Bruce Cram, turned the dilapidated home into a more presentable place in her final years but it remainsa far cry from the lifestyle she lived in the 1950s and 1960s Last friends: Neighbor Judy Stoller, an artist, befriended Sabrina, and saw her first as a beauty, and then an increasingly frail woman, but one with sparks of her former life.

She was still young and glamorous - enough to appear on This Is Your Life in the UK in 1977 but she was plagued by chronic back problems from her large breasts, and in 1988 she decided to have a back operation at Dayton General Hospital.

The surgeon was negligent and botched the operation, leaving Sykes wheelchair-bound.

At the height of her fame she boasted of 1,000 fan letters a day and insured her breasts at Lloyds of London for £100,000 - a figure probably close to £2.2 million or .9 million in current values.

But she died a virtual recluse, in a squalid North Hollywood house wrecked by years of neglect, cared for by a formerly homeless man who claimed to love her.

When she checked on her in the morning, Annie had died of heat exhaustion.'Sabrina carried this bitter pill with her, she knew she was to blame for that,' said her neighbor, Stoller.

The last picture: A month before she died, Sabrina - real name Norma Sykes - asked her carer to get a hairdresser to come to her North Hollywood home.

She wanted 'ringlets like Shirley Temple' - but she was close to death.

I think she was special.'Maybe a year before she died she showed me photographs of herself.

I was stunned when I saw them, because that wasn't the Sabrina I knew.'I hit on the idea of having a dumb blonde around the set.


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