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If stretching is your thing, there’s also sunset yoga classes up there, and if you’re ready to pop the question, there’s a wedding proposal package with a private dinner, string quartet, and a helicopter tour that leaves from the roof.


If things go really well, you can even book one of the stylish staterooms for a luxurious staycation.

The immersive, five-course dinner experience features an exact replica of the airline’s Boeing 747 done to the last 1970s-era vintage detail.

Order martinis from the open bar, feast on chateaubriand carved seat-side by flight attendants in the iconic Pan Am uniforms, and even shop old school items from the duty-free cart.

In partnership with Hotel Indigo, the tours will give you and your adventurous date an up-close look at the legendary secret passageways once used to transport booze (and bodies!


) during Prohibition, and the clandestine watering holes used by those in the know.

Take a break from your usual hop-heavy brewery date night, and discover refreshing new flavors together at Honest Abe’s Cider House and Meadery.


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