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If you told me that the guy singing on the former would be making music in 2015 that perhaps most strongly recalled the latter of any modern-day metal act, well, I would have been surprised.

Satan's Host are a true underground treasure; having trekked through the annals of time since 1977 with various line-ups and styles, and since 2010 they've been rocking out with original singer Harry Conklin – and their newest double album is perhaps the finest work they've done since reuniting with him.

When the band was reformed, years later sans Thisiren, they returned with more of a black/death metal sound, steering away from the traditional sound of the earlier material. In 2013, the band, with the same lineup, dropped Virgin Sails, which continued the band’s blend of blackened power metal to largely favorable reviews.

January 2015 sees the release of two albums, Pre-dating God, Part 1 and Pre-dating God, Part 2, which, according to the band, are a set of albums encompassing the same concept.

Originally formed in 1977 by Patrick Evil, Satan’s Host is a Colorado-based metal band that, aside from a six year break between 19, has been steadily slogging away since their formation. Elixir handling vocals, Thisiren returned to handle vocal duties.


Infusing their blackened touch into the classic track adds some venom, giving the song a harder edge.The album fires away from the start with “Hell’s Disciples” and “Embers of Will”, which both bring near blasting drums and rollicking rhythms alongside stellar lead guitar licks.Thisiren is in fine form with his signature soaring croon, even belting out some crazy falsettos.The songs flow naturally between rollicking palm muting, mid-tempo plodding and balls out thrashing, with no forced transitions to be found.

Satan’s Host certainly shows their strong chemistry, as everyone seems to be playing off of each other, with no members overshadowing another.When combined with the soaring vocals of Thisiren, it manages to outshine the original.


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