Project schedule updating

Once prepared, a CPM network with durations and resource loadings includes all of this task and project management knowledge implicitly.

However, only the end results of the initial schedule analysis—the activities, their durations, logical dependencies, and resource requirements—are represented and captured explicitly in the CPM network.

(Provider #2122)In our final week, we'll move from plan to action and consider the execution phase of a project.

We'll learn about the earned value approach for monitoring and controlling progress.

A classic survey of the use of network-based scheduling tools by the 400 largest U. contractors found that network-based scheduling tools were widely used by project managers to develop initial estimates of project durations, to identify long lead time purchasing requirements, and to think through the construction methods to be employed.

Furthermore, they were widely employed in claims and litigation.



We will identify factors that lead to project success, and learn how to plan, analyze, and manage projects.

Project managers and senior estimators are typically unwilling or unable to devote large blocks of time to maintaining schedules for real time planning and control purposes during a project.


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