Pastor dating member congregation


When Christians hear the topic of sexual confusion, many non-homosexuals strongly respond in repentance.Parenting God's Way: Life-changing and challenging principles to re-train people who became Christian but have not changed their style of parenting.


I met Jesus when I returned to Thailand, a 95% Buddhist nation.

I can also mix the topics of Buddhism and Science in one 3 hour seminar as they are inter-related in the skeptics' mind and both relate to apologetics.

Find out more on this topic here Bible Introduction: How Did We Get the Bible?

What do God's Calendars and the Jewish Feasts tell us about God's timetable for us? What should we say when people call catastrophes "acts of God"? (different from who is the Anti-Christ, you have to decide that for yourself!

) How should we live and "redeem the time" if we know our time is limited?

I only believe in science" or "Hasn't science disproven the Bible? Their hero is probably Charles Darwin or Richard Dawkins.


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    I have taken a lot of tips from this book & would like to asses to accuracy of the info provided.

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    The Bible makes several mentions of "fire and brimstone," which is used as a symbol of the wrath of the gods - but brimstone is actually just the archaic name for sulfur, which is commonly found at volcanic sites and smells like really rotten eggs.

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    However,the more lashing she gets from some fans over her actions, the more she excels and despite all the negative stories being brandied about her, Her husband still stands stolidly behind his wife and are happily married.

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    You will have to update your drivers when they are out of date and fail to work properly.

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    Only after that was enacted could we apply for licenses.

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