Parents opinion on dating


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If you're under 18, your parents are responsible for you.

Because of this parental perspective, a lot of teens might feel more comfortable going to a peer about dating issues, rather than a parent.

“Parents do get scared and worried in a way that peers a lot of times don’t,” said Ehrhardt.

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“I experienced a situation as a teen where I was beat and thrown down a flight of stairs at the age of 17, so I know that teen dating violence can happen,” said Natasha Brown, a mother of two teens who experienced a traumatic incident during her own teen years maneuvering through the labyrinth of love.Ehrhardt, the Emory peer educator, agrees: “Rather than playing the role of someone who says, you’re not ready for this, don’t do it, [parents] should be there to support their children and talk to them, and really educate them and tell them.” A lot of parents believe that if their teens were in an abusive relationship they would be comfortable telling them, but is that really the case?


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