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At the time of writing, around 10 members of staff have been suspended, the centre manager has resigned and several G4S investigations have begun.What longer-term impact the programme will have is unknowable, and we should remember that flashes of publicity can have unintended consequences as well as their desired effects.While it is important to look into any adverse side effects of any medication, we must be must remember that the vast majority of people taking these medications will not have experiences like those portrayed.People taking antidepressants can already feel stigmatised for doing so.They combine human interest stories with many of the major questions of our time: race, migration and mental health are just some of the issues detention brings into focus.For this reason, we should think critically about editorial choices and omissions on the rare occasion that we see immigration detention on television.

Some DCOs later trivialise what happened and seem to suggest that the details of the incident do not need to be fully recorded.

Production Title: Arrivals Company: RDF Television West Line Manager: Zoe Brandon Programme Length: 60 minutes Genre: Factual Documentary Sector: Broadcast Television Description:1 x 60" observational documentary pilot in the arrivals hall at Heathrow.

Production Title: The Big EU Reality Check Company: BBC Current Affairs Line Manager: Marian Lacey Programme Length: 30 minutes Genre: Current Affairs Sector: Broadcast Television Description:1 x 30" documentary with Nick Robinson examining the claims made by Leave and Remain campaigns prior to the EU Referendum.

The hour-long programme was based on undercover footage filmed by a former detainee custody officer (DCO) who worked at Brook House for two years after leaving school.

Shortly before it was broadcast, I had spent a month doing research at Brook House, which is run by G4S for the Home Office.Brian Dow, Director of External Affairs at Rethink Mental Illness said: “Medication, such as anti-depressants, can be a lifeline for those of us with a mental health problem such as depression, helping manage symptoms that might otherwise impact on day-to-day life.


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