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National H.: "Of course they're uncomfortable, creaky, loud and dirty; they were built a year after President Kennedy was assassinated!When they were built Yogi Berra managed the Yankees, and Whitey Ford was pitching. The World's Fair was in Queens." The express train runs from the Bronx to Brooklyn." wrote one C train rider, who identified himself as National H."When they were built Yogi Berra managed the Yankees, and Whitey Ford was pitching. The World's Fair was in Queens." The C line's subway cars date back to 1964.Monique R.: "If you get a seat, consider playing the lotto because this train is packed every single time I need to board it.And its always the one to stall mid station when you have some guys armpit above your head and the barely audible announcements by the conductor." The express train, which runs from the Bronx to Brooklyn, was praised for its speed and criticized for heavy construction work on the weekend. B.: "They will leave you deep in the bowels of the city on a crowded train with no escape.Lauren H.: "I have no choice but to ride you when I need to, but I think we should ultimately break up.We had a few good times, but that was back when I was in high school. " The express line, which runs from the Bronx to Brooklyn, was knocked for train delays and overcrowding, and complimented for its clear audio announcements. 4 and 5 lines are the most crowded subway lines in the United States.


Jando S.: "I'm not bitter, I try to give all trains the benefit of the doubt for reasons they can't control."Of course people turn to Yelp to complain about the C train," said Wil Fisher, a 23-year-old member of the Riders Alliance, who lives off of the Franklin Avenue stop."We haven't had any meaningful response from the MTA about the infrequent, unreliable service and riders are desperate to voice their concerns to anyone who will listen.One can dream ..." The local train runs from upper Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Riders despise the long platform waits and ancient subway cars, but like how close its subway stations are to Central Park.Whenever I AM on it, it's permanently stuck on one speed: crawling obnoxiously slow for a few seconds before pausing for half an hour. Also, the mets suck." The express train runs between upper Manhattan and the outer stretches of Queens.


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