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We recommend using single ply heads to achieve the maximum resonance.

To begin, place the drum on a carpeted floor or on a towel over a table.

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back to top Watch John Good's Tuning Demonstration here:

v=yl9wg XSfxew At DW, we tune the batter heads to a slightly higher pitch than the resonant.

You may find it easier to clean the shell by removing the lugs and hardware.

If you want to restore a little luster to the shell, use Minwax Tung Oil to accomplish this (found at most paint or hardware stores).


Here at the Workshop, we use Music Nomad Drum Detailer during final assembly (for Lacquer and Finish Ply only) to give our drums that extra shine.After removing the lugs and cleaning the shells as described above, rub small amounts of the Minwax onto the shell.


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