Macdonald consolidating strike

I produced evidence pointing to the fact that the more difficult the economic and social problems became, the more intense and powerful became the grip of the capitalist class upon political power through its most conservative party.

That they have increased their political power can hardly be disputed.It comes after workers at two restaurants, one in Cambridge and one in London, staged their first ever UK strike.One employee said of his zero-hours contract: ‘I have no choice but to do exactly as I’m told and never question it, otherwise I might lose the hours and then I’d be out on the streets.’Momentum said the clip has been watched by more than 2million people, appearing on the Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds of more than 5million.Our task now, therefore, is to examine the effect of the General Strike on this process.

The Conservative Party and the whole capitalist class are exceedingly jubilant about their “victory.” Up to the present their “victory” is entirely a political victory and not economic.In the chapters preceding my narrative of the strike, I outlined the events leading up to it, and placed them in line with the evolution of class forces in Britain.


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