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It claims to be the north-south midpoint of the nation.

The monument is a white obelisk with a map of Chile that includes a wedge of Antarctica reaching to the South Pole”.

Or the road from Kiev, capital of Ukraine to the Upper Nile state of South Sudan – two countries locked in simmering conflicts with their erstwhile overlords.

Or the long voyage from the Cape in South Africa to the Antarctic mainland, two places sharing, eh, well: penguins! Update 23 March 2016 – some interesting reader perspectives on Chile's stretchedness.

→ “For American folks, I tend to explain Chile as the inverted (N-S) 100-mile-wide stretch of land from the top of the Alaska panhandle to the southern point of Baja California”, says Pablo Yanez.



“So Chileans boast of their country as being both elongated and fragmented”.

The country derives its length from the successful colonial expansion of the Spanish, and independent Chile's own military successes.



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