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They run into a few boys at the convenience store picking up some beers when they realize they don't have enough money at checkout.One of the friends is quick on her feet and asks to borrow some money from one of the guys and invites him over to the party afterward.Instead I’ve figured out foods that taste great and are great for maintaining muscle, but also fat loss.I mean, I have French Toast 4 times a week (syrup and all). A miserable life filled with restriction isn’t a prerequisite for a life lived with our ideal physique."They understood how to build a storyline and narrative, and they bring a fresh eye to these moments.[Their clip]’s really sweet, and just what this kind of song needed.

He summarized his review by saying the song "is awesome, one of the best singles of his career." He then went on to say if Chesney followed up the single with the title song he would be 'two steps closer to the hall of fame'. The video begins with Kenny Chesney as a member of the police department, travelling to a criminal spot in Mexico with three local police agents, presumably to make a raid.Chesney is also seen performing the song during the video. The goal of this ‘Get Ripped‘ series is to give you strategies that both work, and are easy to follow.Their relationship quickly develops on screen through house parties, bonfires, car rides, hiking and creek jumping.“Our vision was to capture the essence of a summer fling -- just the feeling of freedom and having fun, not taking things too seriously," Martinez says.

"Because Will is from Virginia, he was able to get people he knows from high school [to be part of it], which made it really fun to shoot."Chesney loved the final results, and having gotten his own start playing music in college, the singer knows first hand what an opportunity like this can mean to two college kids."It’s cool seeing this creativity from college kids," Chesney says.It was released in August 2006 as the fourth single from Chesney's album The Road and the Radio.


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    Fernando Torres will forever be remembered as a Chelsea flop by those not associated with the club, but he’ll always have a place in the heart of the club’s supporters.

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    Johnny Castle is fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of Audrey's advances.

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