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He suggested he bring him in and see what she would do. As soonas the leash was off, the dog went between Susan’s legs. Susan let out a moan and raised her head to see who it was. She relaxed and started moaning and cumming as the dog moved inside her. As soon as Susan was able, she dressed and we went to my house. I was hoping to get laid agai, but she said she was a bit sore. The next day, Susan moved in and we started our doggie search.She was shocked it was a dog but moaned when he licked her again. Two thrusts and he was in and Susan was moaning out how good it felt. I found a woman that was giving away six male dogs.The dogs became very excited and the woman got a knowing look on her face. Susan shook her head yes to wahtever the woman said to her.Susan then told me that this woman knows what we want the dogs for.I told Susan, the only cock that was ready was the dog’s cock. Susan walked up and down the kennels, looking at each dog intently.I told her to get on her hands and knees if she wanted to be fucked that bad. I knew she was looking at their sheath, trying to guage how bigf there cocks were.She assured me they are very well trained and they are all well hung.We told the woman we would take all 6, but I had to setup a kennel for them. The woman waved and told us to enjoy the companionship the dogs would provide.


I took the dogs to the kennels while Susan cleaned up. I took her myself right on the floor and then we went to the bedroom for a night of incredible sex. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for then told her that the guys were asking if they could gang fuck her again.

they were in Spanish for safety when she wasn’t getting it on with the dogs. The dog quickly mounted her, and after a few thrusts, his cock was buried in her. She also said she wanted to fuck all of the dogs the next day. Susan entered the room and immediately took of her robe. She had shaved her pussy smooth and she was literaly dripping cunt juice. She was moaning as the dogs tongue went into her cunt deep.

Each dog would respond to different commands to perform Susan went out and brought in one dog. PART 3I spent Saturday morning setting up what we would call the doggie play room. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for walked over and laid down on the padded bench. She gave the command to another dog to get over her head so she could suck him off.

Susan lay back and the dog dug into her cunt, licking her furiously. The dog went to her and I told her to play with the dog’s sheath. The dog tried to find the mark, but got frustrated and dismounted. All the guys were wide eyed as the dog hammered her cunt. Her husband had passed away and she couldn’t keep the dogs. We arrived at the womans home and Susan was very excited. We went up to the house and the woman opened the door and greeted us with a big smile.

He started digging his tongue into her to get her copious juices. The dog backed off and Susan said I want to be fucked now. She started stroking it and the dog’s cock came out. She asked how many dogs the woman had before we got out of the car. She took us out to the kennels where the dogs were.

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