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Sanford on Wednesday told The Associated Press she met Clay Boardman when he attended a speech she gave at the College of Charleston on March 17.

The two have gone out in Charleston and also attended The Masters in Augusta last weekend. The pair split after the governor disappeared last summer and returned to reveal he had an affair with an Argentine woman.


In 2005, she launched the Healthy South Carolina Challenge, an initiative to reduce the incidence of chronic preventable disease.

Several of her social media followers chimed in to congratulate the happy couple after.

'She says her sister introduced them and Mc Kay is a kind man who gets along with her four grown children she had with Mark Sanford, who is now a U. The pair got engaged in 2012, but broke it off in September 2014.

But then Mark Sanford reminded us all why he deserves it … In fact sources tell FITS Jenny Sanford was actually talking trash in the processional line . Her ex-husband’s rumored relationship with a Savannah woman – which is said to have been the real cause of his recent breakup with ex-fiancee Maria Belen Chapur.

“She is a first class b*tch,” one elected official who overheard the former first lady’s comments told FITS bluntly. Jenny Sanford is a brilliant woman who has been immensely successful in business and politics.She’s wealthy, she’s in good health (surviving a few cancer scares in the past) and she’s not hideous to look at.


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    He had been in the job for less than a year and had joined Iveco (from Lease Plan) following Ian Lumsden’s move to Tesco.

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