Is denzel washington dating sanaa lathan valentines day just started dating

" or whatever and then back to a dude a year later makes us look like flakes at the very least, people who can change our sexuality at will, at worse.I've been ragging Amber Fucking Heard about this shit for years, especially since the rumor was always her major affair with Peter Berg back in Austin.I knew one of those twits in Austin (not Amber though she was also a twit from Austin) who would be lesbian and in love one day and then back to dating a boy the next whenever she started getting uncomfortable, acceptable in high school but not at 30.And they are always so goddam loud about it all, have to announce their sexual proclivities to anyone who will listen. Anne Heche isn't a lesbian or even bi - she's just mentally ill.Vanessa Carlton is proudly bisexual but married to a man. Why even make those inane proclamations when they are in longterm relationships with men? Really, it's an easy concept to understand to anyone who ever has sexual thoughts/impulses.I think the Hollywood lesbian scene pretty much reflects what's happening in the real world. Bisexuals seems to only be bisexual until they meet a man.And there's Clementine Ford, about whom Cybil Shepherd was Tweeting, "I love my LESBIAN daughter!



Amber Heard isn't a lesbian, she's always openly identified as bi.

Women still want their pussy with some dick on the side.


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