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I can’t fit into half of the clothes as they’re too short and my shoe size doesn’t even exist, so many of the adorable things available just have to stay in the store – or a cute Japanese girl will buy them instead. I suppose if you’ve been to Japan you might have heard them on the train.I see a lot of girls every day who are wearing tons of make-up. They change their voice on purpose to sound super cute (and annoying), but apparently some Japanese guys seem to like it. I kind of understand that some want to look like cute, innocent dolls, but it’s all so fake!

It’s certainly going to be easier in big cities such as Osaka and Tokyo, but if you live in the countryside like me, you better stock up back home.

In Germany we try to get out as soon as summer comes to get a tan, comparing who got darker afterwards. The sun in Japan is very aggressive and you have to be careful.


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    The only major one-day race he did not win was Paris–Tours: his best performance was sixth in 1973.

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    ” Or will bringing it up at all make me seem needy and jealous? It’s like making a New Years resolution to do cardio, but refusing to ever set foot in the gym. Maybe this guy needs a dictionary to clarify the term “exclusive,” but, by pretty much any standard, “exclusive” doesn’t mean logging onto Match to peruse other women. You want to know how the concept of “mirroring” (seen in “Why He Disappeared”) plays into online dating. If he emails you immediately, you email him back immediately. If he asks for your phone number, give it to him with a time to call.

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    According to the stalking victim in the official police report, Madera used a woman accomplice who claimed to be "scouting movie locations" while she took pictures of the victim and her business. Madera later posted pictures of the female victim on his web page, with disgusting and false sexual commentary about her.

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    This difference in retention rates between filled and unfilled pit and fissure sealants was not statistically significant.

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