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Simon Saebo’s friends called the aspiring politician “JF Kennedy” President at his school, Simon Saebo, 18, was from Troms in northern Norway.

He was given the nickname amongst his friends as JF Kennedy.

Breivik has said the attacks were necessary to protect Norway from being taken over by Muslims.

He claims he targeted the government headquarters in Oslo and the youth camp to strike against the left-leaning political forces he blames for allowing immigration in Norway.

Breivik also said he doesn’t recognize the authority of Judge Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen, because he said she is friends with the sister of former Norwegian Prime Minister and Labor Party leader Gro Harlem Brundtland.

The anti-Muslim militant described himself as a writer, currently working from prison, when asked by the judge for his employment status.


The police response was slowed by a series of mishaps, including the lack of an operating police helicopter and the breakdown of an overloaded boat carrying a commando team to the island. story Id=150708268 ————————————————————————————— [Sun/Mars / Eris = North Node] Anders Behring Breivik was born on February 13th, 1979 (time of birth unknown) in Oslo, Norway according to February 13th, 1979 2 13 1 9 7 9 = 41 = his life lesson = Mistreatment of children. Off-duty policeman Trond Berntsen, 51, died while saving his son He was an off-duty police officer and reports suggest he saved his 10-year-old son before approaching gunman Anders Breivik, but became one of his first victims.

In a manifesto he published online before the attacks, Breivik wrote that “patriotic resistance fighters” should use trials “as a platform to further our cause.” Norway’s NRK television will broadcast parts of the trial, but it is not allowed to show Breivik’s testimony.

He had told investigators he is a resistance fighter in a far-right militant group modeled after the Knights Templar — a Western Christian order that fought during the crusades — but police have found no trace of the organization and say he acted alone.

While the youngest victim is believed to be 14-year-old Johannes Buo, an AUP activist from southern Norway who has not been seen since the shooting.

At just 14 years old, Johannes Buo is thought to be the youngest victim Details of others, including Gunnar Linaker, 23, who was described by his family as a “big bear” and young politician Tore Eikeland, 21, have now been reported.Tore Eikeland, 21, had a promising political career ahead of him Monica Bosei, 45, was also among the victims.


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