Instant nude chat

October 16 Sally: wait a minute got to get a refill on my glass of wine October 16 Jack: Okay – I’ll get a beer October 16 Sally: beer, pinot grigio October 16 Sally: wheres the other half? October 16 Sally well like I said you should come visit us October 16 Jack I know, but I am trying not to get into trouble!!October 16 Sally why would you get into trouble October 16 Jack who knows! October 16 Sally you of course lol why would you mis behave lol October 16 Jack We got close! October 16 Sally yes who October 16 Jack Remember, leaving Mc Coy 2 years ago?I think this is cheating, but my husband disagrees. Or was he the one who started the inappropriate behavior?Although, he does now think it was wrong because of how much it has hurt me. Sorry this is long and boring, but I didn’t want to leave out any of the details so you could see how the conversation actually flowed, as that does make a difference. October 16 Sally: hi Jack October 16 Jack: Hi Sally – what have you been up to?I’m regular member, but I’m logged in using another identity because I found this conversation on my husband’s Facebook chat history.I want to make sure this stays annonymous, so I’ve changed the names, places and phone numbers…While not offering video or audio chat, this is more like the AOL instant messenger.Users will create a profile which will then be searchable by other members but you will control what information is available. Face Flow These guys are taking social networking to a new level by allowing users to have video chats with up to 3 people at a time.


Chat Random Chatrandom has some big goals; one of which is to become a household name like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

October 16 Sally: trouble LOL October 16 Jack: really!!! October 16 Sally: yea right whats the good in that. October 16 Jack: thanks – all good there October 16 Sally: hows work? October 16 Sally: yep up at ft _______ the supply sgt there October 16 Jack: that got old for me.

October 16 Jack: not working right now – the job market sucks right now what about you? I thought you worked at the ­­_______ I am working but want to go back to school but trying to find the time. October 16 Sally: will have drill this weekend matter of fact. October 16 Sally: really come on back then LOL October 16 Jack: I don’t miss it that much; October 16 Sally: well if you have nothing to do this weekend come down for a visit October 16 Jack: getting too old I haven’t been to Chicago in a long time. October 16 Sally your wife silly October 16 Sally good pictures by the way October 16 Jack Thanks!

October 16 Sally maybe but I didnt think you liked me October 16 Jack i hadn’t seen you in 9 years October 16 Sally but I am still surprised you talk to me, October 16 Jack Of course I do!

October 16 Sally thank you I had your number but it was disconnected October 16 Jack I had a different cell # then, October 16 Sally ok getting tipsy with this wine lol October 16 Jack If I was there we’d probably be getting naked right about now!October 16 Sally ok October 16 Jack Let’s leave it at that1 October 16 Sally lol October 16 Jack I’ll catch you later!


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