Hetalia romano dating sim

""I don't think our gender matters much here," Spain seemed oddly calm. "Everyone just needs to pair up with "Continuing on," Germany cleared his throat, drowning out the muffled noises a certain tied-up nation was making. " America moved Japan out of the way and kicked the door open. The twintails are a nice touch by the way.""Naturally," Prussia placed his arms on his hips as a smug expression came onto his face. "Judging by that 30 we found, we have 30 days to p-p-pair up! The truth is Romano is afraid of thunder and lightning, but he has never told anyone. His life went along on this same routine for a long time, until one night, a mysterious man showed up at his performance.Infuriatingly enough, his little brother has sensed it, and always insists on staying with him when the forecasts says there will be a lightning storm. Feliciano learned how to truly smile again that year.Antonio has a knack for making the other kids smile when they are upset.His mother always did say he had a 'fectious smile.Now keep in mind, based on the person you date (or DON'T date), the Acts will change, people will say different things, and you will have different choices when talking to people. I don't ship anyone with Seychelles.) and then I found some random stuff online about a DS game or something? You could dig for hours and feel like you understand a concept less than you did before. In development: America, England, Canada: Carmen MCSChina, Italy, Germany, Romano: Hanatoa Why The Actual F*** Are You Using RPG Maker For A Dating Sim? It is larger, but it has the required engine/elements needed to play RPG Maker games.4Shared Download: Gakuen Hetalia Dating Sim With RTP Download Link Media Fire Download: Gakuen Hetalia Dating Sim With RTP Download Link EXTRA NOTE: If you wish to play the game in full screen press F1 and check the box "launch in full screen", close the game and re-launch. I've been on and off working on this and I kinda had a period where I stopped working on this due to studying for school finals etc. But when I came back on Deviant Art and saw all these comments- I realized I should work on this much more than I had been if some people actually CARED about it (lol). If you do this your crush you on the nearest Friday possible. Making a game project like this would be hard (Especially for me... Characters: *♥=Romance-able-Spain ♥-Romano ♥-Italy ♥-America ♥-England ♥-China ♥-Canada ♥-Prussia ♥-Austria ♥-Germany ♥-Japan ♥-France ♥-Russia ♥-Ukraine-Hungary-Norway -Iceland -Sweden -Denmark -Finland**Nordic countries will be romance-able in the future, please give suggestions as to which ones you guys would prefer most in the comments There are characters on this list not entirely part of the main plot yet but most definitely planned in, other countries may be added to this list upon request What Compelled You To Start This? Okay so if this really IS the case that this exists, seriously show me because I'd like to play it. Thanks for all the input- some people made some comments that made me realize:#1 I left out China and fabulous )#2 I HAVEN'T DONE ANY FRICKEN NORDIC COUNTRIES lol sorry about this guys x D idk why I forget them alot I will add them as well- tell me which ones you would like as romance-able and I will get to work! But if you don't paste this, you will get bad luck. WHEN YOUR DONE, PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS.

However, all he needs now is a solution for handling his new roommate, Antonio, the pornstar. Who is he and what happened to all the people in her town? Luckily--or unluckily, it's a mystery really--he receives the help of a certain Lovino Vargas, matchmaker extraordinaire.All the unfinished RPG maker Hetalia games *cough* Heta Oni *cough*. I'm just gonna slowly release updates like everyone else. #3 Some people were having trouble with the download links- make sure you guys don't click fake links I would hate for you to get a virus because those fake links seem to be really common on sites like those..that's not the problem I have provided a download on mediafire if the 4shared is just not working. No clue when Act 1 will be out but I have already started on it a while a go and will get to work on it right now! I knew this would be great, but this is even better! THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY wait for the full game to be released!



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    The danger: You both have vivid imaginations, but with two dreamers at the helm of this romance, the ship can veer off course.

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