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Mind you, man of the people Rotheram, 50, is no cheap date.In his latest entry in this month's Register of MPs' Interests, he reveals he had two tickets worth £1,000 'in the Royal box with lunch provided' to watch Liverpool at the Carling Cup Final, courtesy of Wembley Stadium.Strangely, Ann Widdecombe showed up at the end – she calls in at the Garrick to use the ladies' on her way home from the Royal Opera House, where she is currently appearing in a Donizetti opera.Helluva night.' Having refused to make the move to Salford, former BBC Breakfast presenter Sian Williams says she has dispensed with her flashy wardrobe.So poor old Barry had to trudge back cold and hungry to Hatch End.Meanwhile, Babs spent the evening driving around Covent Garden unsuccessfully trying to find the Garrick.

However, if it is a brain illness with devastating medical, social, financial, professional, individual and family consequences, it is appropriate that there should be state funding for rehabilitation through the Twelve Step programme leading to long-term abstinence.Cerebral 'Woy', 64, speaks five languages and is a devotee of Irish-American author JP Donleavy.



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    The Snake Nest Wall site and the Crestone Stone Huts are in the northern San Luis Valley, Colorado, and provide a unique opportunity to date high-altitude archeological sites of unknown age and origin using optically stimulated luminescence (OSL).

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