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Check out our interactive online map of St Simons Island historical sites with information on local St.

Simons Island historic sites and monuments, including the infamous St.

The Christ Church congregation traces its origins to 1776, and to the very earliest days of St. Today, the beautiful church with its magnificent stained glass windows and heavily wooded grounds that include a cemetery with graves of early settlers, is one of St. The Hofwyl Broadfield Plantation to the north of Brunswick, offers a glimpse into the lives of planters and slaves that grew rice along the Altamaha River nearly 200 years ago.

You can tour the antebellum home built by the Troup family and examine the nineteenth century farm equipment still stored in the barn. Located off Demere Road, the battle fought here on July 7, 1742, when Spanish troops landed on the south end of St.

Simons Island, proved to be the turning point in the Spanish conquest of Georgia.

Surrounded on all sides by historic Southern Oaks draped in Spanish Moss that have survived for hundreds of years, expansive marshlands and waterways, sandbars, and the Atlantic ocean in the background, St. Bike paths wind around the airport, through the Pier Village and along the marsh at East Beach as well as the entire length of Frederica Road. Simons are perfect for bicycle riding and bicycle rentals, purchases or equipment are available at a number of locations on the beach and around the island. Simons' Pier Village district, Neptune Park is an oceanfront public park that families flock to each night during warm weather months.

On the beach, under the gold umbrella, just a three-minute walk from Atlantus, Barry’s Beach Service rents catamarans, sailboats, kayaks, boogie boards and windsurfing boards. The best way to experience the Golden Isles and Georgia's beatiful coast is up close and on the water. Renowned for its unspoiled natural habitats and serene beaches, Little St.

Simons Island is a private barrier island located just north of St. Here you'll find 10,000 acres of natural, undeveloped maritime forests and marshlands, 7 miles of pristine beaches and plenty of natural wonders to explore and discover.

Located on the south end of the Island, this is a popular destination and the social hub of the Island, with plenty of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.

Here you'll find expansive views of the ocean around you, as well as the St.

Simons Lighthouse and Museum, Neptune Park with its oceanside pool and facilities, miniature golf course, playground, and an oak shaded picnic area, public library and theatre. Simons Pier on the waterfront causeway overlooking Jekyll Island across the way and the port of Brunswick just around the way.


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