Gentoo updating all configuration files

makes it easy to retrieve and update overlays for Gentoo.

In addition it makes it TRIVIAL to break your system.

This logic is applicable to CVS overlays as well and the branch variable is comparable to specifying a subpath for a CVS repository..

All Gentoo developers have access to this location via CVS and can modify the list of overlays.

But that would mean that you have an external program trying to automatically set variables within this very central configuration file.

Since I consider that dangerous I prefer having a very small external file that only contains the setting for . The contents will get merged to a single list of overlays.


The lower the debug level, the less debugging information you’ll get. 0 means no debugging information, 10 selects all debugging messages. Thus a child process may abort once it runs into an situation with need for human interaction.

(see below for file format details)If you need to use a proxy for access to the Internet, you can use the corresponding variable in the When adding an overlay or updating its source URL you can specify which protocols you wish to use. To filter these protocols on a system-wide level you may alter the protocol_filter variable in your flag.


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