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Our free Flash chatting software is also packed full of handy little features to make your online chat even more enjoyable!Our Site Helps users to find peoples across all over the kerala and UAE.Some of the features that this website offers includes emotions (being able to express your mood in the rooms), avators (have a funny little image next to your name) and sounds (be able to send funny sound clips around the room including clips from the Simpsons, family guy, south park and many more! You can also chat to members privately (Person2Person Chat) so you can get to know them in more detail.We also offer the ability to register nickname, create profiles and even send files to each other, you can also find kids and teen chat rooms in our live chatting site, aaha chat is the best place to meet kids and teens who are looking for new stranger friends.Live Kerala Cafe provides the user to interact with other boys and girls from the internet.The famous kerala chat rooms are cckerala, keralacafe, kerals, talkdesi, sallapom, koottu and other webcam chat rooms we are trying to make our chat rooms better than these chat lines.


Another handy feature is that you can create profiles, register nicknames and also send files to other chatters!WHO WE ARE Welcome to our all new Free Chat Video Rooms!


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    Our membership pool consists of individuals of all ages.

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    Browse our video chat sites and you won’t ever want to go back to text chat rooms again.

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