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“So what that means for children’s homes is that kids come in and kids are returned to family very quickly, …because we would love to see them come and sort of plant their roots, and it’s not that we wouldn’t want to see them go back to their biological family when that’s possible,” she said.Mario Mena, of Santa Ana, El Salvador, has studied children’s rights for nearly 20 years and has followed the developments of the LEPINA law since its inception.“[It] is the responsibility of the state to exercise the rights, a commitment to the development of the children’s autonomy, although limited,” he said.And I ended up saying: how lucky I am – I am a woman of color. So I wrote this poem." Xanath Caraza reads from Silabas de Viento (Syllables of Wind), with Arkansas poet Juanita Lamb on Friday, Sept. at The Writer’s Place, 3607 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, Mo., 816-753-1090. 15, Angela Elam interviews Caraza as part of Park University’s Ethnic Voices Poetry Series (the interview will run at a later date on New Letters on the Air) at 7 the The Mid-Continent Library, Woodneath Branch, Woodneath Library Center, 8900 NE Flintlock Road, Kansas City, Mo., 816-883-4900.The children’s home can make a recommendation on what is best for the child, but the judge is under no obligation to adhere to it.Ricardo Lazo, director of a government-operated children’s home in the capital city of San Salvador, said if CONNA determines a child should return to their family and the child objects, that’s when CONNA matches them up with a judge.



“People want to be poets there, too, so these young audiences had very practical questions: How do I become a better writer? Those students might have excellent speaking or writing skills, but they also need work in other areas. “I tell my students we’re going to publish what they have,” she says. We write, we perform and we learn.” Around the same time as her visit to El Salvador, headlines in the United States were about unaccompanied Central American children seeking refuge at the U. Caraza was troubled by the effects of war and gang violence that she saw in El Salvador, but she says poetry can help.Passed in 2010, Ley De Protección Integral De La Niñez Y Adolescencia (the Law for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents - LEPINA) has had both a positive and negative effect on El Salvador’s children.


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