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As a condition of your use of the Site, you agree that: Groupon retains the right, at our sole discretion, to deny service or use of the Site or an account to anyone at any time and for any reason.While we use reasonable efforts to keep the Site and your account accessible, the Site and/or your account may be unavailable from time to time.If we make changes that affect your use of the Site or our services we will post notice of the change on the Terms of Use page.Any changes to these Terms of Use will be effective upon our posting of the notice; provided that these changes will be prospective only and not retroactive.You agree that you are solely responsible for any activity that occurs under your account.The Site may permit you to make purchases without an account or without logging in to your account.


All interactions on the Site must comply with these Terms of Use.The Site is a platform through which certain merchants (“Merchants”) (a) sell vouchers for goods, services, or experiences (“Vouchers”), (b) sell travel goods and services (“Getaways”), sell gift cards (“Merchant Gift Cards”), (c) sell goods and services directly to you (“Merchant Products”), (d) make available coupons, promotional codes, giveaways, samples, and offers for software downloads (“Coupons”), (e) sell dining experiences for specific dates and times ("Reservations"), (f) sell food, beverage and other products for delivery and takeout (“Online Ordering”), (g) make available certain offers, including “card linked deals” (as defined in the Special Programs section of the Terms of Use), and (h) sell salon and spa services for specific dates and times (“Salon and Spa Bookings”) (collectively (a)-(h),“Merchant Offerings”).Merchants are the sellers and issuers of the Merchant Offerings and are solely responsible to you for the care, quality, and delivery of the goods and services provided.You agree that posting notice of any changes on the Terms of Use page is adequate notice to advise you of these changes, and that your continued use of the Site or our services will constitute acceptance of these changes and the Terms of Use as modified.

You may only create and hold one account on the Site for your personal use and must register using a valid credit card.To the extent your conduct, in our sole discretion, restricts or inhibits any other user from using or enjoying any part of the Site, we may limit or terminate your privileges on the Site and seek other remedies, including, without limitation, cancellation of your account or forfeiture of any forms of unredeemed value in your account.


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