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It’s time to have an honest, open discussion about interracial relationships.

I spent several years overseas among other cultures, which has brought me to a greater appreciation for people.” “I think there is a stigma among black women when it comes to being subservient and submissive to black men,” he adds.“I think black men want a complement, not a woman who doesn’t add value to them overall.” Bottom line: Black women who want to be in a relationship want to be understood.

Worse still, they used completely different ways of testing the Russian hand grenade and the US hand grenade.

Why not do something logical - put three pig carcases up in an enclosed room and see how each grenade does?


You tune in and hear some crazy statistic like, say, 46 percent of women will be raped by their 30th birthday or some shit like that, and you think, "Jesus Christ, what kind of society am I living in?

In the video, the Houston native finds herself trying to forgive the wrongs done by her ex, as the pair attempt to rekindle a flame that fizzled out after a mistake Omar made.

Forced to choose between two beautiful women, he throws a ’90s themed party with the soundtrack to the night being “In The Name of Love.” Omar makes sure to put his best foot forward, hoping that Letoya will see that he’s changed.

Second, JD Power reported that 80 percent of car shoppers spend time on third-party car sites like to get transparent inventory and pricing information.

car market is mostly stock based, so when you configure a car online and you go to the dealer, many times it’s tough to actually get that car and they’ll point you towards something else,” says Binch.It’s been eight years since Le Toya Luckett released an album.


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