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I had never had any particular religious interest, and by age 18 I dropped out of Sunday school and church attendance. And above all, a willingness to confess error when proved, and to confess truth even against my own will.

I assumed, as probably do most, that the denominations of traditional Christianity had received their beliefs and doctrines from the Bible. Gradually, as these months of 12- to 16-hour days of study progressed, the real truth began to emerge. I did find absolute PROOF that the Creator, God Almighty, exists and RULES the universe.

Ambassador College is astonishingly UNIQUE among institutions of higher learning.

The Plain Truth magazine is utterly UNIQUE in the publishing field.

As I look back over the years, I can only shake my head in wonderment. This, truly, is one of the most incredible success stories of our time. For it is the story of what the living God can do -- and has done through a very average human instrument, called and chosen by Him -- one whose eyes He opened to astonishing truth about the real cause of the troubles and evils heads of governments face, and the way to World Peace -- one He reduced to humble obedience, yielded in faith and dedicated to God's way! Most, if not all major corporate institutions began with sizeable capital.

But this worldwide Work started giving -- (reversing objectives and procedures) with absolutely no financial capital! In magnificence of its campus -- in the tone and character of its buildings and grounds -- the physical setting in which it has produced tone and character in young men and women -- Ambassador College is certainly unique in a world where education has drifted into materialism.

The World Tomorrow program, viewed and heard by millions worldwide on both television and radio, is entirely UNIQUE in broadcasting.


Every phase of this globe-girdling Work has been something altogether UNIQUE -- a first -- the blazing of a new trail.There have been no protest marches, no friction between students and faculty and administration, no hippie-type students. These enterprises include the World Tomorrow television and radio broadcast, aired weekly in nearly every market throughout the English-speaking world and in numerous other areas worldwide. The programs are UNIQUE in the broadcasting field, with worldwide impact on MILLIONS!There is The Plain Truth -- a finest quality mass-circulation magazine in full color in seven languages, with about eight million copies monthly.This, alone, would rate as "BIG BUSINESS" if it were a commercial profit-making operation.

But this enterprise was built, starting without capital, without advertising revenue and without subscription price income. Also there are other publications, including The Bible Correspondence Course issued monthly, with scores of thousands of students enrolled; the Good News magazine and a Youth magazine.These globe-girding enterprises included the founding and operation of a co-ed college in the field of the liberal arts and humanities. Ambassador has dared to recapture the TRUE VALUES; to restore the most necessary MISSING DIMENSION in knowledge; to become a cultural character-building institution, concerned with moral, spiritual and ethical values as well as with the intellect.


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    However, recent research by Schieber, Southard and Thaisen (2007) and Schieber and Yawar (2009), using the Indiana University Flume Laboratory, has demonstrated that the commonly observed laminated mudrocks, so prevalent throughout the rock record and around the globe, formed by moving water, and energetic deposition.

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